Adam Compton talks about how the university is growing, and what the future holds in store for NC State. Interview on November 18, 2011. (3:10)


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I think we're just on the cusp of doing so many great things. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:06.857
Here at NC State things are changing so much 00:00:06.857 - 00:00:11.380
that I envy the student that starts as a freshman next year. 00:00:11.380 - 00:00:15.634
There are just so many incredible opportunities. We're going to open one of the world's greatest libraries on our Centennial Campus. 00:00:15.634 - 00:00:23.639
There is no doubt in my mind that it will fundamentally change our campus. 00:00:23.639 - 00:00:27.777
We're about to open a new student center. We're actually going to have the student center. 00:00:27.777 - 00:00:31.769
When I was a student we didn't really have-. We had Talley but it wasn't a hub for students. 00:00:31.769 - 00:00:37.889
So those are kind of two things that are going on. 00:00:37.889 - 00:00:40.912
We've got a new chancellor in place that I think has got a very clear picture of where he wants this university to go. 00:00:40.912 - 00:00:48.820
He's developed a strategic plan. He's one of the first chancellors that I've sent that really focuses on 00:00:48.820 - 00:00:54.941
getting that feedback from students 00:00:54.941 - 00:00:59.272
but also pushing this university forward. 00:00:59.272 - 00:01:03.253
I think we're going to do a lot of great things. We're no longer going to be looked at as North Carolina's redheaded stepchild. 00:01:03.253 - 00:01:10.777
I really think in ten years from now people will say-. 00:01:10.777 - 00:01:15.772
When you go out of state and you say, I graduated from North Carolina State people won't say, oh, you mean UNC. 00:01:15.772 - 00:01:22.559
No. They'll understand and know what NC State is because it's a leader in this country and in this world. 00:01:22.559 - 00:01:29.481
We take our land grant mission to heart, 00:01:29.481 - 00:01:33.074
and I think that's what's going to really push us forward. We've seen the writing on the wall, I think. 00:01:33.074 - 00:01:38.279
We looked at our textiles program and we saw that textiles was a dying industry in North Carolina. 00:01:38.279 - 00:01:44.816
How do we develop it and move it forward? Now our textiles program is one of the world's leaders in textiles 00:01:44.816 - 00:01:51.520
but it's no longer building furniture. It's focusing on developing new fibers that our firefighters can wear 00:01:51.520 - 00:01:59.431
when they're fighting fires and they're really focused on growing and developing the future of that industry. 00:01:59.431 - 00:02:05.073
We look at colleges like CHASS that are looking at things in a different way than your normal liberal arts things. 00:02:05.073 - 00:02:11.304
We are able to work with our scientific sides of things and our CALS and CNR 00:02:11.304 - 00:02:19.370
and understand that, okay, if healthcare is one of our biggest problems facing the future, 00:02:19.370 - 00:02:25.717
yeah there are some different nutritional sides of things but there's also a psychological side, 00:02:25.717 - 00:02:30.943
that if we can change the way people-or not so much change the way people think but help them understand the way they think about food, the way they think about things. 00:02:30.943 - 00:02:40.258
The CIA is now recruiting people that have strong backgrounds in philosophy and Middle Eastern studies. 00:02:40.258 - 00:02:49.492
I think our college of humanities really sees that here, 00:02:49.492 - 00:02:53.452
and I think you can say that about all our colleges. They really see the future, they see how they fit in a land grant mission, 00:02:53.452 - 00:02:59.435
and I think there's so many great things to come from NC State. 00:02:59.435 - 00:03:03.298

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