Former Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Evelyn Reiman describes some of the responsibilities associated with serving as the adviser to the NC State student body president. Interview on April 26, 2012. (1:53)


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Well I worked with the student senate when I first came, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.553
so that would have been '79, and then I started to be advisor to the student body president in 1984 00:00:04.553 - 00:00:10.990
when I became the interim director and then the director of student development. 00:00:10.990 - 00:00:15.354
The senate role was attending their meetings 00:00:15.354 - 00:00:21.619
that last till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning 00:00:21.619 - 00:00:25.189
Yes, and I think they've gotten a little better at not going quite so late. 00:00:25.189 - 00:00:33.409
But then when I became director of student development 00:00:33.409 - 00:00:38.077
the assistant director became the senate advisor and then I started working with the student body president 00:00:38.077 - 00:00:43.423
and worked very closely with that person up until my retirement, 00:00:43.423 - 00:00:48.260
and just met an incredible, wonderful, diverse array of student body presidents 00:00:48.260 - 00:00:56.455
and it's terrific for me that the library has put some energy into putting their names and their histories online. 00:00:56.455 - 00:01:04.411
So they're really an extraordinary group of young people, 00:01:04.411 - 00:01:08.906
and the fact that our student body president has a vote and a seat on the board of trustees is a really, really big deal, 00:01:08.906 - 00:01:18.560
so they're having some experiences that I think are really remarkable from a policy-making point of view, 00:01:18.560 - 00:01:28.963
the fact that they've got a vote. They've got a vote on tuition and fees and whether or not to hire an athletic coach, 00:01:28.963 - 00:01:36.763
whether or not to fire an athletic coach; I mean they're really behind the scenes with the vote on really big decisions that impact NC State and life here. 00:01:36.763 - 00:01:46.193

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