Haden Edward "Eddie" Knox discusses growing up on a farm near Davidson, NC. Interview on October 31, 2012. (1:38)


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I was born right outside of Davidson College on a hundred-acre farm with eight brothers and sisters and a great mama and daddy, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:10.006
and most of us have gone on to hold some type of public office. We've had three mayors. As my mama said, she never had a favorite among us but none of us ever went to jail, 00:00:10.006 - 00:00:23.552
and I always thought that was a nice compliment. Joe was mayor of Mooresville for about thirty years and Russell was mayor of Davidson for sixteen years 00:00:23.552 - 00:00:31.768
and I became mayor of Charlotte for four years. Well you know it's the greatest thing if I could have everybody grow up the way I did. 00:00:31.768 - 00:00:40.243
It was where you killed or hunted for whatever you wanted to eat, you raised it on the farm, a great mama and daddy with no money. We all had chores, 00:00:40.243 - 00:00:51.654
responsibility, whether it was carrying in the firewood, milking the cows, or doing whatever but it gave you hard lessons about what life was about, 00:00:51.654 - 00:01:01.306
and we were relatively poor. I can't tell you that it was a bad life because we had a great mama and daddy who took us to church and commanded that we go to church. 00:01:01.306 - 00:01:10.076
I recall singing a solo almost every Sunday. My daddy would give me a dollar and my brothers and sisters would offer me two not to sing, but that was just sort of the way it was. 00:01:10.076 - 00:01:22.683
But we still have a very close family relationship with the ones that are surviving, just me and Ray and all the grandchildren. 00:01:22.683 - 00:01:30.661

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