Toni Thorpe reflects on the spirit of the NC State students she mentors. Interview on May 25, 2012. (1:19)


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They're doing amazing things and when you really get to know their stories and know who they are 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:06.255
you want to connect with them because they're going to do amazing things, and if I can empower them to know that 00:00:06.255 - 00:00:16.856
and to always be their own best advocate and to never give up on themselves no matter what, then we've made the world a better place. 00:00:16.856 - 00:00:27.584
So that to me is-. You know sometimes I say, and I say to them, 00:00:27.584 - 00:00:36.724
I don't even know how God chose me to get these gifts of these students. 00:00:36.724 - 00:00:45.384
They are amazing and they're more than a GPA, even though they have stellar GPAs, but they are amazing spirits and they love deeply. 00:00:45.384 - 00:00:59.961
They love their families, they love their communities, they love NC State, 00:00:59.961 - 00:01:04.666
and I just want to make sure that they know that this is theirs and that we love them too. 00:01:04.666 - 00:01:13.095

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