Smedes York remembers professors and academics at NC State. Interview on March 15, 2012. (2:10)


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Having gone to Needham Broughton High School here 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:03.713
very well prepared. It is an excellent high school, it was an excellent high school at that time, 00:00:03.713 - 00:00:10.495
and so my freshman year wasn't a repeat 00:00:10.495 - 00:00:14.018
but it was something that built pretty steadily. 00:00:14.018 - 00:00:19.059
You can look at the transcript. I'm proud of the transcript. I only made two C's. 00:00:19.059 - 00:00:26.678
One of them was in electrical engineering, and I know the professor's name there was Smiley 00:00:26.678 - 00:00:32.433
and during the semester he would give us 00:00:32.433 - 00:00:38.353
difficult tests, but he had a system. The tests were open book 00:00:38.353 - 00:00:43.539
and then what you missed he would let you take it and work right and bring it back and he'd give you half credit, 00:00:43.539 - 00:00:53.443
and you could look at the old quizzes in preparation so a lot of it was not-. It was a difficult subject but you had all that to buoy you up. 00:00:53.443 - 00:01:06.224
So I got into the exam and he comes in and hands-. I don't know whether he had a bad night or what happened 00:01:06.224 - 00:01:11.925
but he handed out this exam and everybody just about died. 00:01:11.925 - 00:01:17.165
I mean we'd never seen this stuff before. [Laughs] When I handed the exam in I knew I had for sure an eight. 00:01:17.165 - 00:01:23.645
I think I ended up getting a forty-seven, which dropped me from an A-minus to a C-plus. 00:01:23.645 - 00:01:29.366
The other one was, I don't remember the teacher's name but it was in English composition. 00:01:29.366 - 00:01:33.361
I thought I had done pretty well in writing and all 00:01:33.361 - 00:01:39.421
but he gave me a C-plus and I wanted a B-minus. 00:01:39.421 - 00:01:43.720
I was an engineering student. So I went in there 00:01:43.720 - 00:01:47.406
and talked to him about maybe a B-minus and he started doing some of this well maybe-and I thought this guy's not an engineer. There's no chance. 00:01:47.406 - 00:01:55.256
So I forgot that. But I had a lot of really good professors. 00:01:55.256 - 00:02:02.710

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