Will Quick and Tony Caravano describe their hometowns and how they ended up at NC State as out-of-state undergraduate students. Interview on November 4, 2011. (1:11)


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I grew up in and around Florence, South Carolina 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.551
and before I came to State I went to high school at the science and math school in South Carolina, 00:00:04.551 - 00:00:10.194
so it was kind of a neat transition. I had had two years of living sort of on my own at that point 00:00:10.194 - 00:00:16.935
so it made coming to college a little easier for me. So, yeah, South Carolina for me. 00:00:16.935 - 00:00:23.792
And like Will I'm a fellow out-of-stater, 00:00:23.792 - 00:00:27.605
spent three years here in my youth when my dad was in the Marines but I grew up mostly in Florida. 00:00:27.605 - 00:00:32.299
so from Palm Bay, Florida until I made Raleigh home. 00:00:32.299 - 00:00:35.821
I went to school there where an alumnus sort of ushered me into looking at North Carolina State University. 00:00:35.821 - 00:00:41.888
[It's a large student body. I mean working in student government here-. I think there's something like twenty-six thousand undergraduates.] 00:00:41.888 - 00:00:50.589
[I grew up in a very small town, smaller than that.] 00:00:50.589 - 00:00:53.254
Me too, I did too. I used to joke with the guy who was the mayor in the town I grew up in that more people elected me than elected him, which was true. 00:00:53.254 - 00:01:03.046

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