Terry Carroll describes growing up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Interview on April 22, 2011. (0:55)


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I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and grew up on a farm, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.760
so we had livestock, that sort of thing, 00:00:04.760 - 00:00:08.238
so most of what I remember is just having to be on the farm 00:00:08.238 - 00:00:12.962
and take care of the animals and that sort of thing. 00:00:12.962 - 00:00:15.000
I couldn't get away from the farm soon enough. 00:00:15.000 - 00:00:18.285
Shoveling manure on Saturday night was not my idea of a good time. 00:00:18.285 - 00:00:22.372
In fact when I went to State a lot of it was the first time I got to do a lot of things. 00:00:22.372 - 00:00:28.893
Everybody that grows up on a farm knows that it's a lot of work 00:00:28.893 - 00:00:33.298
and you don't just get an eight-to-five. 00:00:33.298 - 00:00:36.740
The cow's having a calf you go out and take care of it 00:00:36.740 - 00:00:39.427
or if it's time to bale hay you do it 'til it's done, 00:00:39.427 - 00:00:42.937
so it's hard, and for a lot of young people it's not a lot of fun. 00:00:42.937 - 00:00:47.798

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