Adam Compton discusses how NC State changed his life and how it inspired him to give back to the community and state. Interview on November 28, 2011. (2:01)


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My student experience has really changed my life. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.325
My time at NC State has really changed my life. 00:00:05.325 - 00:00:08.434
I love this university so much because of all the great things it's given me. 00:00:08.434 - 00:00:15.665
It's helped me to grow incredibly as a leader. 00:00:15.665 - 00:00:18.957
It's helped me to grow in the way that I think about things, the way that I do things, 00:00:18.957 - 00:00:22.743
the way that I'm able to-everything from where my priorities are 00:00:22.743 - 00:00:30.363
to focusing on how do I go forward in the future. 00:00:30.363 - 00:00:33.783
I want to have an impact on this country and this world. 00:00:33.783 - 00:00:39.265
When I came to NC State I wanted to be an engineer, I wanted to graduate, move back to where I was from, 00:00:39.265 - 00:00:46.297
buy a house, get married, have kids, maybe run for school board; 00:00:46.297 - 00:00:51.045
nothing really more. 00:00:51.045 - 00:00:53.519
But coming to NC State and seeing-. Bill Friday I think said it best. 00:00:53.519 - 00:00:58.623
At the time when he gave his graduation speech he said thirty thousand North Carolinians live and work in poverty, 00:00:58.623 - 00:01:05.528
paying taxes to support your education. 00:01:05.528 - 00:01:09.256
Now what are you going to do for them? That's something I really take to heart, 00:01:09.256 - 00:01:13.790
that everybody's paid into my college tuition, 00:01:13.790 - 00:01:17.867
that I want to give back to this university, to this state, to the world, 00:01:17.867 - 00:01:22.749
that so much has been given to me, and that's kind of my philosophy of life now, is that I want to help others succeed. 00:01:22.749 - 00:01:29.513
I want to see this university continue to grow. 00:01:29.513 - 00:01:32.576
I want to continue to give back because so much has been given to me. 00:01:32.576 - 00:01:36.912
I was able to come here on pretty much a full ride between two scholarships 00:01:36.912 - 00:01:41.813
and I spent six or seven years here as a student 00:01:41.813 - 00:01:48.589
and just learned so much. It's really made me the person that I am today. 00:01:48.589 - 00:01:53.732

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