Raj Mirchandani discusses his hometown of Gastonia, NC, where he's spent nearly all his life, both before and after college. Interview on February 17, 2012. (1:10)


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I was actually born in India and my family moved here when I was three 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:06.396
and I've lived in Gastonia, North Carolina pretty much all my life 00:00:06.396 - 00:00:10.572
except for my time at NC State. 00:00:10.572 - 00:00:12.840
When I left NC State it was pretty much a no-brainer that I wanted to come back home 00:00:12.840 - 00:00:18.137
and do some different things here in community and in business and that's what brought me back here. 00:00:18.137 - 00:00:22.646
[What was it like growing up in Gastonia?] 00:00:22.646 - 00:00:25.948
I think Gastonia is pretty much the all American town. I mean it's a small town where-. 00:00:25.948 - 00:00:32.061
It's not so small that everybody knows you but it's pretty often that you could walk into say a grocery store or a public place and you'll run into someone you know. 00:00:32.061 - 00:00:41.013
So it was a good feeling to be able to have that small town feel but being right on the outskirts of Charlotte 00:00:41.013 - 00:00:46.428
you had some of the big city amenities that you might be used to and it was nice to be able to run up there for maybe a big show or something as a kid. 00:00:46.428 - 00:00:53.979
I mean we did a lot of that growing up so it was nice. 00:00:53.979 - 00:00:56.398
I think it was a great place to be raised and hopefully raise a family one day myself. 00:00:56.398 - 00:01:02.334

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