Chandler Thompson discusses being a part of the founding of the Kappa Delta chapter at NC State in 2011-2012. Interview on July 6, 2013. (1:43)


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I will tell you though, founding a sorority and starting it from the beginning 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.712
is a completely different experience than just joining an established sorority. 00:00:04.712 - 00:00:10.557
It's amazing. Everyone else has traditions and they know what their philanthropy is 00:00:10.557 - 00:00:16.221
and they have the same social events and different events throughout the year 00:00:16.221 - 00:00:20.032
and we had none of that, so we kind of had to figure it all out, maybe learn 00:00:20.032 - 00:00:24.055
what some other schools did. We met with Beta Chi, the Kappa Delta chapter 00:00:24.055 - 00:00:28.572
at UNC-Chapel Hill, a few times, but other than that we were just figuring it out 00:00:28.572 - 00:00:33.279
trial and error. . . . Yeah. With Kappa Delta we knew we had to have a Shamrock event, 00:00:33.279 - 00:00:38.571
which is kind of the biggest fundraiser that a Kappa Delta chapter does throughout the year 00:00:38.571 - 00:00:43.868
to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America, and so the first year we did a fashion show 00:00:43.868 - 00:00:51.945
with younger girls to let them-. They were the ones that were in the fashion show. 00:00:51.945 - 00:00:58.323
We sold t-shirts and did something else to raise money, I'm not exactly sure what it was, 00:00:58.323 - 00:01:05.091
and that event was okay, but I guess at that point we realized it didn't leave us much room 00:01:05.091 - 00:01:11.020
for other Greek organizations to participate in it besides attending the event. 00:01:11.020 - 00:01:18.305
So we moved to what they've been doing the last two years, a pig pickin' type thing, 00:01:18.305 - 00:01:21.967
and have a pie competition where the sororities can bake pies and do something 00:01:21.967 - 00:01:28.669
that involves more of the Greek chapters. Shamrock 'N Shag, that's the name, so have music, 00:01:28.669 - 00:01:34.381
shag dancing, provide barbecue, and create ways for other Greek organizations 00:01:34.381 - 00:01:39.617
to participate to help raise money for our philanthropy. 00:01:39.617 - 00:01:42.605

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