Eric Moore discusses life in the dorms during his first year at NC State. Interview on May 17, 2012. (1:59)


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When we lived in Sullivan 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:01.860
soon after I arrived 00:00:01.860 - 00:00:05.542
there was a sign placed on Jim Stewart and my door, 00:00:05.542 - 00:00:11.149
and interestingly enough I think-and this was partly planned- 00:00:11.149 - 00:00:14.926
we lived in a suite and so of course there were four rooms in the suite and you'd share the bathroom, 00:00:14.926 - 00:00:19.531
and two of the guys in the suite were also from Durham 00:00:19.531 - 00:00:23.321
so we had that regional connection and then the other guys in the suite tended to not interact very much. 00:00:23.321 - 00:00:31.932
But we came back and there was a sign: "SPONGE is out to get you." 00:00:31.932 - 00:00:36.813
So of course, you know, we were new to the campus 00:00:36.813 - 00:00:40.359
and we had made connections with older African American students 00:00:40.359 - 00:00:44.001
so we went over and said can you guys help us out with this? 00:00:44.001 - 00:00:47.413
So they smiled and said, oh yes, "SPONGE" stands for 00:00:47.413 - 00:00:50.069
the "society for the prevention of n-word getting everything," s-p-o-n-g-e. 00:00:50.069 - 00:00:58.249
So they laughed and said, yeah, you know, it's just somebody trying to scare you, 00:00:58.249 - 00:01:02.974
but we've never seen them yet in the years that we've been here, so we said, okay, fine, 00:01:02.974 - 00:01:06.965
but at least they knew that some darkies were now in this particular room. 00:01:06.965 - 00:01:11.660
Then quite frankly whenever you walked out of the elevator 00:01:11.660 - 00:01:16.582
to go to class you would look up, 00:01:16.582 - 00:01:18.676
because back then water balloons were known to come straight down off of the balcony 00:01:18.676 - 00:01:25.960
and of course you'd look up there and you'd have no idea except that this water balloon is coming, so get out the way. 00:01:25.960 - 00:01:31.070
So that was standard morning behavior whenever you came out, 00:01:31.070 - 00:01:34.443
and then you'd walk by Bragaw Hall and you'd hear words reflecting a lack of respect coming your way, 00:01:34.443 - 00:01:40.933
but again you don't know who it is, 00:01:40.933 - 00:01:42.997
so you tended to toughen up and realize, okay, yeah; it's going to be like that but we're going to continue to do whatever we have to do 00:01:42.997 - 00:01:48.914
to get our degree and move on. 00:01:48.914 - 00:01:51.974

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