Smedes York talks about the York family tradition of attending NC State, always wanting to be in the family business, and always wanting to go to NC State. Interview on March 15, 2012. (1:26)


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My dad graduated from NC State in 1933 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:03.168
and his dad, C.V. York, was in the class of '03. 00:00:03.168 - 00:00:07.665
He didn't graduate. He didn't flunk out, my understanding. 00:00:07.665 - 00:00:11.797
He had opportunities to go to Greenville, North Carolina in the construction business 00:00:11.797 - 00:00:15.603
so he went down to Greenville and started a construction company 00:00:15.603 - 00:00:19.845
with the Cobb brothers, C-o-b-b, and they actually built the first five buildings at East Carolina, 00:00:19.845 - 00:00:24.619
Jarvis Hall and others. 00:00:24.619 - 00:00:26.646
So it was a tradition but mainly growing up I wanted to be in the family business, we've always had a construction company, 00:00:26.646 - 00:00:33.244
and civil engineering is what I wanted to study. 00:00:33.244 - 00:00:37.881
Now in high school I played both football and basketball 00:00:37.881 - 00:00:43.369
and I had some scholarship offers, mostly in football. 00:00:43.369 - 00:00:48.436
So Duke offered me a scholarship to play football. 00:00:48.436 - 00:00:53.779
Because I was able to qualify to get accepted to Duke. [Laughs] 00:00:53.779 - 00:00:57.787
NC State, of course, had requirements as well but of course Duke was looked at as very difficult. 00:00:57.787 - 00:01:05.070
I thought about that. I think I was more flattered than actually considering it. 00:01:05.070 - 00:01:10.542
So the only thing I really considered was NC State. 00:01:10.542 - 00:01:14.029
I always wanted to be in the family business and I always wanted to go to NC State. 00:01:14.029 - 00:01:17.662

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