J. D. Hayworth describes implementation of the Classroom Consumer Report when he was student body president. The CCR was a student evaluation of faculty. Interview on July 11, 2015. (2:54)


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Students – especially the NC State experience, and perhaps it will come this way again, given the usurious rates for student loans these days 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:11.191
– a lot of people were working their way through school, and they wanted to have a way–. In much the way that Duncan Hines had his restaurant guide, or Mobil has a travel guide, people wanted to evaluate their instructors. 00:00:11.191 - 00:00:27.003
Well, as you might imagine, not exactly popular with the faculty. But, now, wait a minute. 00:00:27.003 - 00:00:35.594
Educators are charged with evaluating students. Fine, and we can say that relationship is different, but rather than being hierarchical I just think it was a laudatory effort 00:00:35.594 - 00:00:50.663
to have a guide to see how students thought different professors and teachers actually dealt with the art of instruction. 00:00:50.663 - 00:01:01.901
It made for some controversy, and the irony was I had heard, you know, about a big university, it’ll be impersonal and you won’t know your professors. 00:01:01.901 - 00:01:21.266
Well, the obvious student buy-in is, hey; you get to rate your instructors. You get to grade the teachers. 00:01:21.266 - 00:01:28.928
Now, and you have to remember the days of computer programming and stuff, and there may be a couple of copies left in the Technician archives, but, as I recall, I believe the Technician printed the CCR as a supplement. 00:01:28.928 - 00:01:46.203
The technology of the time did not allow itself to really get into kind of a micro breakdown. It was kind of more of a macro study of–. I don’t know how good it was. 00:01:46.203 - 00:02:02.712
Probably the notion was more intent than the outcome, but then again, when you’re kids in college and you got – and I mean the guys who worked on this thing worked long and hard hours. 00:02:02.712 - 00:02:17.897
It may have helped them academically too, in statistics and all that, and I think it was a laudatory effort. But I mentioned historian Stephen Ambrose a little bit earlier and his disdain for student government 00:02:17.897 - 00:02:29.600
I read in the pages of his prose with great historical biographies. I think it’s an understandable tendency that professors and those who instruct callow youth 00:02:29.600 - 00:02:40.211
don’t like a sophomoric evaluation coming back their way, and that’s just part of the institutional angst or the give and take that goes on in a university. 00:02:40.211 - 00:02:51.449

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