Harold Pettigrew talks about creating the Wolfpack Student Initiative (later retitled Stafford Student Leadership Endowment) to honor NC State students with an annual scholarship based on demonstrated financial need and leadership in student organizations. Interview on November 2, 2012. (2:46)


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The biggest one that comes to mind has to be the Wolfpack Student Initiative, or what was called the Wolfpack Student Initiative. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.676
It was recently renamed the Tom Stafford Student Endowment, I believe. That was probably the biggest one and that took us a little time to develop. 00:00:05.676 - 00:00:22.128
So during that time a couple of things came together. One, what's a way that we can create an avenue that students can be involved in the most pressing issue 00:00:22.128 - 00:00:31.766
that we generally deal with, which is financial aid; two, how could we support and memorialize students that would have unfortunate scenarios happen during the year, 00:00:31.766 - 00:00:45.580
those two things coming together. The third thing that kind of came together, at the time we had the chance to go to other campuses, 00:00:45.580 - 00:00:55.696
and while I probably wouldn't speak glowingly of Georgia Tech in any other ways because of their involvement in the ACC, 00:00:55.696 - 00:01:02.942
the level of student involvement there is tremendous. At the time at least they had a great model for how students were not only active 00:01:02.942 - 00:01:17.746
in organizations but were very entrepreneurial and independent in how they operated. So seeing that experience coupled 00:01:17.746 - 00:01:28.466
with the other needs and things that I mentioned, it really planted the seeds for what we created in the Wolfpack Student Initiative. 00:01:28.466 - 00:01:35.774
The independence we saw at Georgia Tech-we were there for a conference, I think it was the ACC Leadership Conference-the amount of independence 00:01:35.774 - 00:01:46.355
that we witnessed there and them just describing some of the programs, activities, and all of what they do, it really planted the seeds 00:01:46.355 - 00:01:56.483
for what we did with the Student Initiative. So those things coming together, pulled together a group of students to help shape 00:01:56.483 - 00:02:05.159
what the program would look like, from the name to working with the university advancement, to create a fund that was not simply something 00:02:05.159 - 00:02:18.072
in student government but something that would be institutionalized within the university. So year in, year out, whether Harold was there or not, 00:02:18.072 - 00:02:25.919
years after it would be something that could exist and continue to grow, so that's why we wanted to create 00:02:25.919 - 00:02:33.922
an endowment versus just simply scholarship funds that we gave out every year. 00:02:33.922 - 00:02:38.706

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