Brigadier General Jennings remembers the leadership of his mentor, Dr. Thomas Stafford. Interview on March 27, 2015. (1:00)


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But then what I said about Dr. Stafford at his retirement ceremony, which was really kind of special to me, is that when I met him, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:10.169
I said I kind of felt like Dr. Stafford, I liked him, because he treated me special and he made me feel like I was special, 00:00:10.169 - 00:00:17.669
but then as I got to know him over the years I saw that he wasn't treating me special, that he treated everybody like that. 00:00:17.669 - 00:00:25.889
So just for all of his years of service to the university and to those cadets at North Carolina State that went on to become officers, 00:00:25.889 - 00:00:40.377
not only in the Army but in the Air Force, Navy, and Marines, it's just a small token of our appreciation for what he's done for all those different people out there. So I thought he was more than deserving of that honor. 00:00:40.377 - 00:00:57.652

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