Kelly Hook recalls her experiences working with Dr. Stafford and shares an anecdote about his artistic ties. Interview on May 2, 2012. (1:34)


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Well Dr. Stafford always wears a tie 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:03.109
that is from a significant painting, I guess in his life but also in the world, 00:00:03.109 - 00:00:09.215
I mean Picasso, you name it, and he'll wear a tie and he'll come into any type of event or function 00:00:09.215 - 00:00:15.333
and he won't really talk to you until you guess the artist that his tie is about, and nobody ever guesses it, 00:00:15.333 - 00:00:21.426
or maybe some people do but I never guessed right. I always guessed something off the wall like an NC State artist or something local. 00:00:21.426 - 00:00:27.744
He's just an interesting character but also probably the main person at NC State that I remember really advocating for students. 00:00:27.744 - 00:00:37.257
You know it's an interesting thing too to be done with school and to remember when I was here 00:00:37.257 - 00:00:43.123
that I didn't always agree with Dr. Stafford's policies or the fact that, you know, 00:00:43.123 - 00:00:49.139
why can't we have really amazing food for all thirty-four thousand of us every single day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 00:00:49.139 - 00:00:54.892
which the food is amazing, but why can't it be chef-made for every meal? 00:00:54.892 - 00:00:59.441
And so things like that I learned once I graduate that Dr. Stafford always had our best interests at heart, 00:00:59.441 - 00:01:05.804
and I really appreciate him then but especially since I've graduated for all the hard work and countless hours he put in to educate 00:01:05.804 - 00:01:14.145
us at that time for the realistic expectations of being a student at NC State 00:01:14.145 - 00:01:20.307
and how we can contribute after being a student at NC State. A good guy, Dr. Stafford. 00:01:20.307 - 00:01:26.045

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