Chandler Thompson talks about wanting to attend NC State even from an early age. Interview on July 6, 2013. (1:01)


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I think I was always planning to go here throughout elementary 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.497
and middle school growing up. I was the biggest Wolfpack fan in school, 00:00:05.497 - 00:00:09.849
we watched the ACC tournament in class and everything--that's what you do 00:00:09.849 - 00:00:14.054
in North Carolina-and was always wearing red, cheering for the Wolfpack. 00:00:14.054 - 00:00:17.460
Some time in high school I guess I started to second guess that, 00:00:17.460 - 00:00:21.541
and it was not that I was going to apply anywhere else in North Carolina. 00:00:21.541 - 00:00:26.286
That wasn't an option. If I was staying in North Carolina I was going to NC State. 00:00:26.286 - 00:00:30.395
So I toured two schools and the only schools I applied to were Clemson and NC State. 00:00:30.395 - 00:00:36.513
I knew if I was going somewhere else it would be not in North Carolina. 00:00:36.513 - 00:00:40.598
But then after I think going down to Clemson and just realizing 00:00:40.598 - 00:00:46.399
that I was talking about NC State the whole time, that NC State was the place 00:00:46.399 - 00:00:49.723
for me and where I was supposed to be, but it's kind of good that I looked 00:00:49.723 - 00:00:55.847
at other schools just to make sure it really was the same fit for me as it was for my dad. 00:00:55.847 - 00:01:00.967

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