Kelly Hook explains how students, particularly Student Government leaders, respond to changes in university leadership, specifically the installation of Randy Woodson as NC State's chancellor. Interview on May 2, 2012. (2:22)


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Well the scandal with Mary Easley happened while Jim [Ceresnak] was student body president 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:07.014
and that really defined his tenure 00:00:07.014 - 00:00:10.690
and that's kind of my main memory because he was on WRAL talking as the sole representative of the university for a week, almost. 00:00:10.690 - 00:00:19.212
They were calling him for interviews and he just had to step up to the plate because of that turmoil that the whole campus went through, 00:00:19.212 - 00:00:28.179
and for student government we didn't really know what to do because many of has had spent so long trying to implement a few projects 00:00:28.179 - 00:00:36.469
that were just now making their way up to the chancellor, the original chancellor, 00:00:36.469 - 00:00:40.454
so when the new chancellor came in I think you have two sets of feelings. 00:00:40.454 - 00:00:45.602
One is: Is he going to see the projects that we've already been working on, and that's probably not going to be a priority. 00:00:45.602 - 00:00:51.393
I mean the poor guy has so many things he has to do when he first comes in. 00:00:51.393 - 00:00:55.063
What happens to all the things we'd set in motion that would need to be approved by the chancellor, funded by, hopefully, the university, etcetera? 00:00:55.063 - 00:01:03.185
But on the other hand I think you'd see it as a huge opportunity, 00:01:03.185 - 00:01:07.330
and we definitely saw it as an opportunity because here is a new chancellor that Jim was on the search committee for, 00:01:07.330 - 00:01:13.145
so he helped select that chancellor and he clearly was excited about NC State. 00:01:13.145 - 00:01:18.897
He had a different demeanor, not necessarily better or worse just different, 00:01:18.897 - 00:01:22.979
and in a good way I think for what student government wanted to do student wise. 00:01:22.979 - 00:01:27.588
I mean he came in and as any chancellor probably would he came in wanting to do great things for students, 00:01:27.588 - 00:01:35.211
wanting to hear student concerns, wanting to work with us on these projects and introduce new media, new avenues of communication, and so we saw it, and it was, a great opportunity. 00:01:35.211 - 00:01:46.632
He certainly right off the bat came to the meetings, came and met us all, hosted dinners, hosted socials, 00:01:46.632 - 00:01:53.286
hosted big Brickyard events, Ice Cream Dream, all these things that helped engage the student body 00:01:53.286 - 00:01:59.375
and we got to kind of be his main foundation for what the students expect from [him] as a chancellor. 00:01:59.375 - 00:02:09.802
So it was a great opportunity for me and everybody on student government and the student body as a whole. 00:02:09.802 - 00:02:14.634

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