Adam Compton describes the "Chained by Tuition" campaign organized by student government and brought before the Board of Trustees. Interview on November 28, 2011. (1:27)


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That sophomore year we did a campaign called "Chained by Tuition" which was really cool. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.823
It was a lot of fun. We had students sign slips of paper and then make them into chains like you would see in a kindergarten classroom or something like that and they were all red and white. 00:00:05.823 - 00:00:15.354
It was a really cool experience just to get out and talk to students, and then we took the big long chain to the Board of Trustees meeting, and of course it didn't do much but 00:00:15.354 - 00:00:25.293
it was fun and it was another way of showing that we're concerned about tuition, 00:00:25.293 - 00:00:32.682
and actually that same year we didn't-. That was one of the first times in my knowledge that student government didn't say we don't want any tuition increase at all. 00:00:32.682 - 00:00:42.446
We said we understand there needs to be a tuition increase; we just want it to be at a reasonable rate, 00:00:42.446 - 00:00:49.595
something that was smaller than the max that we could go for, because we know that we need to do faculty salaries. We know we need to increase our financial aid. We know we need to reduce classroom sizes as well. 00:00:49.595 - 00:01:04.767
So that was one of the first times we had done that as a Student Senate, that I know of, 00:01:04.767 - 00:01:09.455
which was just a cool time to be involved with and I think the Board of Trustees heard us a little bit and that year I don't think we went quite to the cap. We were close to the cap. 00:01:09.455 - 00:01:20.957

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