Haden Edward "Eddie" Knox discusses living in an apartment while an NC State student, and he mentions that he later lived in Vetville. Interview on October 31, 2012. (0:54)


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I moved into an attic apartment with a friend from high school, his uncle owned it, and during the first year-. It's really sort of interesting. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:10.452
It didn't have a refrigerator or anything so we built a basket and put it outside the window to keep the squirrels from eating 00:00:10.452 - 00:00:16.686
what my mama would make on the weekends when I'd come home, and that was our refrigerator. Dr. Whitener asked Dan and I to dig out a basement, 00:00:16.686 - 00:00:27.830
so we dug out a basement and built an apartment and the next year my wife and I moved in that basement apartment. I lived there until 00:00:27.830 - 00:00:36.838
I was able to move to Vetville Barracks, which was about the toughest living conditions I've ever lived in, but the rent was cheap and that's what I needed. 00:00:36.838 - 00:00:46.848

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