Clyda Weeks Lutz talks about the many changes in education and to the NC State campus since she was student in the early 1960s. Interview on September 26, 2012. (3:25)


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Like I say, the handheld calculator, which you can buy at any drugstore or anything for a dollar, was about a hundred dollars then. It had no functions but addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:10.180
That was what it was, but that was so big. I mean people were so excited about that 00:00:10.180 - 00:00:16.794
because we were used to using a slide rule, and all of a sudden we had something that-. 00:00:16.794 - 00:00:24.493
But a hundred dollars in the '60s was a huge amount of money. Well you know how technology is; 00:00:24.493 - 00:00:30.799
it starts out high and as it's been here awhile the prices go down, down, down. So that's the first thing I see. 00:00:30.799 - 00:00:36.315
Of course seeing girls on campus, I mean to walk out and see all these girls walking across campus is like, 00:00:36.315 - 00:00:47.486
this is not the same place that I went to school. [Laughs] And then all the one-way streets on this campus too. 00:00:47.486 - 00:00:56.128
It was like, good grief. It was like going through a maze to get here today because I was coming from east on Hillsborough St. 00:00:56.128 - 00:01:03.876
and for me to finally figure out how to get to come back and head towards east, it was like, okay. 00:01:03.876 - 00:01:13.835
Even though I'm very familiar with the area I just have not kept up with the one-way streets. 00:01:13.835 - 00:01:18.570
So you see things like that, and all the barriers that you can't drive anywhere you want to on campus without passes. 00:01:18.570 - 00:01:25.621
And of course all the athletic events were held on campus. I think what was our football stadium is now a parking lot. 00:01:25.621 - 00:01:35.973
My classes were in the field house of old Riddick Stadium and we sat right there on the railroad tracks, 00:01:35.973 - 00:01:47.439
and so as the trains would come through the professors would just have to stop. 00:01:47.439 - 00:01:54.586
I mean the building moved with the trains going through. And of course the basketball games were played at Reynolds Coliseum. 00:01:54.586 - 00:01:59.261
So everything was confined right here on campus. The married student housing area, that was new while we were here. 00:01:59.261 - 00:02:09.167
I can remember far back when I was a child when from here west, between here and the textile building, 00:02:09.167 - 00:02:17.947
was prefabricated houses that were built after the Second World War, so those were finally replaced with the married student housing. 00:02:17.947 - 00:02:31.356
We tried to get into that but we couldn't get in or we would have stayed out there, 00:02:31.356 - 00:02:42.564
but it was new and we didn't get our application in, in time. I don't think there was anything 00:02:42.564 - 00:02:47.238
to do with the campus across Western Blvd. at that time. Now the dairy farm, out where the veterinary school is, 00:02:47.238 - 00:02:54.146
that was there, I remember that, and there were some farm extensions, one in Clayton and different places, 00:02:54.146 - 00:03:04.629
but as far as classes being held, I don't think there was anything across Western Blvd. at the time. 00:03:04.629 - 00:03:12.659

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