Eric Plow advises current NC State students to concentrate on earning good grades, which he believes will assist them in securing their first job. Interview on March 22, 2012. (0:58)


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I would say that the more you can concentrate on academics the better 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:06.145
because I saw a lot of guys just goofing off and carrying on 00:00:06.145 - 00:00:10.968
hat first job-. I asked my boss who hired me at the dental school, 00:00:10.968 - 00:00:18.174
I asked him after I'd known him for a couple years, I said, "How many people applied for my job?" 00:00:18.174 - 00:00:22.306
and he said actually quite a few, 00:00:22.306 - 00:00:24.914
and he said, "Actually some people's credentials were a little bit better than yours." 00:00:24.914 - 00:00:30.476
They had a little more experience in the field and so forth. He said, "But the thing that got me about you was your good grades 00:00:30.476 - 00:00:38.796
and that's why I hired you, because you had good grades." 00:00:38.796 - 00:00:40.649
Good grades aren't everything but they get you that first job, 00:00:40.649 - 00:00:43.755
and then of course how you do in that first job depends on where you go from there, 00:00:43.755 - 00:00:47.389
but good grades are just really important. 00:00:47.389 - 00:00:50.692

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