Ed Stack recalls the division on campus during the 1990 NC State Basketball Controversy. Interview on April 26, 2011. (2:23)


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I think that at that time student leaders were taking one side or the other and being very vocal about it and being-- 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:13.513
Some people were accusing other people of supporting one side or the other or the students may not have thought the faculty or the administration had done enough 00:00:13.513 - 00:00:27.555
or that they made the wrong decision or some students felt like the other students should be supporting the faculty more and Coach Valvano less, or whatever the case may be. 00:00:27.555 - 00:00:40.320
So I felt like it was a good opportunity to have somebody come in and sort of bridge that gap 00:00:40.320 - 00:00:50.086
and get the students and the faculty and the administration more on a level playing field, more in tune with one another, 00:00:50.086 - 00:01:01.946
not being so head to head against one another, and so that's really one of the things that I felt like I could help with. 00:01:01.946 - 00:01:10.955
It was a very contentious time because it was very polarizing. 00:01:10.955 - 00:01:19.421
You either supported Valvano or you didn't support Valvano, 00:01:19.421 - 00:01:24.989
so if you didn't then you were against the people who did and if you did you were against the people who didn't. 00:01:24.989 - 00:01:31.345
I felt like there were a lot of things that we could all work together on and sort of get through that, 00:01:31.345 - 00:01:41.844
and even though that was more along the 1989, 1990 time, and I came in '91 for my first year as student body president, 00:01:41.844 - 00:01:55.856
I felt like there were still some wounds to be healed and so I felt like that was something that I could help with. 00:01:55.856 - 00:02:04.266
I had a good relationship with the administration, figures that I had dealt with at the time and felt like I could continue that with the chancellor or the provost or whomever. 00:02:04.266 - 00:02:16.601

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